Friday, June 21, 2013

Flashback Friday

Behavioral testing is temporarily on hold as we wait for our new protocols to be approved. But, I've been keeping busy with lots of reading and writing --- helping Laura with the Autism grant she's writing and helping Feng edit and organize his dissertation!

Today, however, I'd like to travel back in time to Saturday, June 1, to the annual Biology of Behavior Retreat. The Ziburkus lab is part of the Biology of Behavior Institute (BoBI) at UH, so we were all invited to the annual retreat at the Houston Arboretum.

I had a really good time learning about all the interesting projects going on in different labs right now, and I also got to meet several of the undergraduates who are in the SURF program with me this summer.

Feng, Laura, and I in front of Feng's poster presentation!

I had also never been to the arboretum before, despite living in Houston for ten years now! I found a nice little bench surrounded by flowers to sit and have my lunch, and I had some butterfly visitors!

If anyone can identify this pretty butterfly, please comment and let me know!

Overall, it was an enjoyable day, and I was definitely inspired by the passion the speakers had for their respective work.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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